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We will be resuming distribution of the NEW WelcomePack in June 2015.
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At last! You are here in your new home country, Canada. Welcome to a new life, full of adventure, discovery, and friendships. You will find every country of the world reflected in this beautiful multicultural land. And now, you can look forward to another great welcome – WelcomePack, a welcome to remember from WelcomePack Canada.

Who doesn’t love a gift? A welcome gift doubles up as a warm hug or handshake that starts off lasting friendships. You will find a load of free gifts and offers from leading brands in Canada, nestled within the WelcomePack box. These companies are eager that you should try their products and gifts.

There’s so much more – special offers and prizes all year round – when you become a member of the WelcomePack family. And it’s all for FREE!


Welcome Message from the President of WelcomePack Canada Inc.