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12 Ways to Boost Your Self-Image

by Murali Murthy
Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Transformational Coach

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Welcome to Canada – New land. New culture. New environment. New everything.

Get ready for exciting times ahead. You have had a successful life back home and now it is time to recreate that same success and more, here in Canada.

What you can Absorb and Comprehend:

As you settle into your new land and take the first bold steps to embark on a new adventure, it is vital to keep your chin up and stay confident, each day, irrespective of circumstances. There is conclusive research to prove that people with positive self-image land jobs sooner, perform better while at it and enjoy higher incomes, better health, stronger relationships and increased levels of satisfaction.

Your ability to stay positive and believe in yourself at all times will form the cornerstone of your success in Canada. Here are 12 simple and easy action steps
to boost your self-image.

How you can Excel:

1. Like yourself more.

FOCUS on what you like about yourself, and appreciate what makes you unique. Getting comfortable with who you are, the way you look and how you feel about yourself is the key to happiness.

2. Celebrate your achievements.

START feeling positive about your accomplishments and refuse to listen to that negative inner voice. You can feel confidence build up as you repel the negative self-talk and proudly praise your wins.

3. Do more of what you like.

FOLLOW your passion and become proficient at what you love doing. When you practice and become skilled at something you enjoy, your increasing competency will be a source of pride and fulfillment for you.

4. Focus on the positive.

MAKE your successes and positive feelings the focal point of your thought process, self-talk and conversations.  You will soon catch yourself look for the good in everything and the reducing negativity in your thought process.

5. Stay busy and productive.

PICK a vision, mission and direction and go for it. Creative endeavours put you in action mode and a dynamic state in which you are constantly engaged. It stimulates the brain and potentially leads you to visibility.

6. Reward yourself every day.

MAKE a conscious effort to do something nice for yourself every day.  See yourself as a valuable person who deserves to be rewarded, and pampered.  Even if you treat yourself to a $1.50 coffee a day, for goals accomplished, however small, it is worth it.

7. Look good to feel good.

DRESS one notch better than before. Invest in clothes that fit. When you take care of your appearance, you feel better. Project an outward image of self-esteem and confidence and eventually your feelings will catch up.

8. Read inspiring articles and books.

READ books and articles that uplift you and make you feel positive. Substitute negative television programs, web sites, and even needless social media chatting that do not in any way contribute to a positive self-image.

9. Practice affirmations with a success log.

KEEP an affirmation journal and write positive quotes and uplifting statements. Repeat those affirmations daily when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Plus, think of your major successes and write them down as well, as often as you can. The more you refer to them, the more confident you become in taking on new tasks.

10. Practice the power of visualization. 

SELECT a special place in your home – such as a washroom mirror or the door of the refrigerator – and put up pictures and objects that remind you of success. What you regularly see in your environment can impact your moods, attitudes and behaviour.

11. Choose who you hang out with.

ASSOCIATE with caring and supportive, positive minded people who value you. Expand your network of friends and associates, broaden your horizons and create new life and career opportunities. At the same time, start disassociating with people who may be putting you down, draining you of energy, or taking advantage of you.

12. And finally – live life on your terms.

BUILD confidence by living your life your way. Don’t let anyone or anything dictate what you should be doing.

Building one’s self-esteem takes practice and commitment. And it starts by valuing the importance of feeling good about YOU. Never forget that your self-worth comes from what you think you are, not what is happening around you.

Now go ahead, and stun the world with your spectacular success.