WelcomePack Canada has given me a sense of acceptance by the country. I feel welcomed like as if I now belong here. It shows that there are plenty of immigrants like myself and we are all valued here.

Rukhsana Ahmad
WelcomePack Canada helped me by giving me the opportunity to all the perks and discounts from many popular brands and services. It also helped me to provide all vital and important information for being a newcomer in Canada especially the guides, tips and advice that will help me make smart choices everyday as I settle in together with my family.Ginnesy Moreno
It is a nutshell of information to all us immigrants. The information here about practically everything from Financing to first car in Canada and Children’s schooling everything is explained so well. Also the gift hampers and the savings card is a great gift to us. Thanks!!Nilima Sharma Mainali
I am really happy with the welcome pack. A new way of promoting brands to newcomers who are new to the Canadian market. These promotions not only help newcomers to decide what they like and what to buy but will also help the brands to improve their products. I know what I need when I go grocery shopping. Thanks for the welcome pack. Its a WIN – WIN for all.Sobin Paul
It gave me a lot of information on how to adjust to a new country and also helped a lot with saving money and exploring Canada. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.Galina Zakirova
Its useful for newcomers with respect to savings and initial settlement.Ramya Santhanam
It gave me the right information I needed as a newcomer.Maricel Benan
The great saving offers and coupons are really helpful and saves a lot of money, which helps as a newcomer. It’s a very sweet gesture to give so many free gifts to newcomers. Much appreciated.Akshay Sonawane
I got useful information and guidelines reading the magazine.Ramin Shafiean
WelcomePack gives the feeling like if we are wanted. It makes you feel that someone cares for you.Isha Dudha
Informative & helpful.Upinder Kaur
It was very useful for me especially interesting information in the magazine.Lelia Sabryyanboro Jeni
It helped me a lot. I appreciate it. Nadia Lewis
Made us settle down easily in a new place with vital information on all aspects. Keep it up and introduce new brands .Vishal Bingi
Lots of information in the WelcomePack and useful ingredients for our daily consumption and lots of saving options.Namrata Gandhi
There was a lot of information. Very useful to start a new life in Canada.Bruna Gross
WelcomePack magazine had lot of information for a newcomer. It was really useful. Keep up the great work.Karthikeyan Jeevanandan
Bindu Yedluri
It helps me know more about Canada, helps my child know more about school, helps me in my job search and thanks by getting discounts from a lot products.Quirino Ayaton
WelcomePack gets me excited to start my new life and career and Canada. The box has a creative cover, I like how it matched the web design.Gisella Gomez
This gave excitement and the willingness to survive and enjoy the country. You already did a great job! More power.Julius Mae Bernal
It gives insight in settlement in Canada with articles like your job search, how to make money go further, get a healthy knowledge, buying your first home etc.Gaurav Arora

The WelcomePack has helped in providing information that I was not aware of previously and I am more confident about our settling better and faster. I most particularly like the Savings Plus card, as it would help greatly with reducing our cost/expenses on some items while we continue our job search.

Edward Uzoma

A lot of useful information to get started with my life in Canada.

Rui Liu

Very informative. The magazine was very helpful. It is a great program.

Lovely Jose
The WelcomePack has given me more knowledge about available brands and services in Canada. Great gesture for newcomers …Kaushal Kushwaha
The WelcomePack gives important information to settle faster in Canada and savings & special discounts.

Harman Brar
The WelcomePack helped me by providing information on new areas and subjects.

Percy Billimoria
I got a lot of information from the WelcomePack.

Muhammad Zahid
WelcomePack gives us information about the country and was helpful with the discounts to settle in Canada.

Manveet Baweja
It’s a very good gesture. It’s includes basic things that helps a lot.

Maninder Singh
I got to know more about the services available to new immigrants.

Nabin Sharma Timsina
All things were very helpful. It’s good as it is.

Swapna Nair
WelcomePack helped in settling and gaining more knowledge about the first few things to do.Jerrah Mae Revilles
WelcomePack gave me lots of information that I need as a newcomer.Sahba Zarabi
WelcomePack has provided me with vital information on starting my life in Canada by giving be tips on banking, owning a home, choosing a mobile company, purchasing a vehicle, and much more!Krishna Bookhal
It was very helpful and a very good gesture.Ankit Vajpayee

The WelcomePack gives knowledge and information about living here in Canada. As a newcomer and first timer in a foreign country, it gives me confidence and makes me have a stable life here sooner than I thought. Just keep up the good work in helping newcomers and continue making them feel so welcome and not alone.

Laurice Marcelino
The valuable information contained in the magazine really helped me a lot in knowing how to start my new life here in Canada and the goodies included is a big surprise and I feel so welcomed. Could not be happier. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work and hope you help more and more newcomers like me.Mary Ann Sangga
It has interesting articles to help us to settle and the gift card is amazing.Lidia Hahn
Helped me adapt to new environment.Ruth Jayme
Given me all the information required as a newcomer. Keep doing the good work for newcomers. It definitely helps them a lot.Nisargkumar Chokshi
A lot of useful information and savings.Oleksiy Markunin
Actually it has a lot of information that help me as a newcomer to familiar with Canada in clear and exact information.Amir Ghaedi
I got to know about brands and information provided in magazine helped me to get knowledge about settlement in Canada.Fiza Junaid
WelcomePack has helped me a lot indeed as a newcomer. I got some crucial information regarding TTC, new schools, bank (Financial Know-How) from this awesome offer. I admit, it’s a real welcome offer to remember.Ahsan Habib
It helped me to have knowledge about my children’s schools.Sirajun Nahar
Great package with detailed information.Ramesh Sadayan
It gave me more knowledge on how to get a school for my child as well as savings in commuting. Also, more information on the health benefits here in Canada.Arlene Gayoso
I am so much excited and surprised to receive such pack with no cost. Canada is great. My salute to Canada.Milind Tandel
Great help in getting good information.Laila Malik
The welcome package has provided vital information for my success. It is great so far. Continue the good work.Romeo Bishop
It helped me understand financial and social structure of Canada as well as this pack explains benefits to the newcomers very well.Yashpalsinh Jadeja
WelcomePack has helped me a lot, about on how to save to ride TTC, the idea on how and who’s company I’m going to look for a job, where to bring my children in school. Thank you.Franklin Calix
Mary Arogya
It was very helpful and interesting for a newcomer. It helps a lot to start initial journey as it is friendly and innovative.Sultana Jesmin
Its a very informative pack with full of surprises. Other good brands can also join the mission to give more awareness to newcomers.Sujata Mahal
WelcomePack introduced me to new products here. Some stock lasted me a week’s supply. Thanks to all participating brands.Sandra Rodrigues
It is just always very nice when someone is welcoming you! Savings card is great!Levon Amatuni
Candice Alinabo
It’s perfect! I love it! No improvement required.Sushmita Saha
Very useful information that really helped me.Heba Mahdy
It offers a good choice of essentials for newcomers so they can try out the products and see how they like them. In the future, they can make an informed decision as newcomers.Rochelle Pangilinan
Enjoyed the content.Hari Lamichhane

It was very helpful in guiding me what to do. Its an excellent program. Keep it up.

Natasha Hassan
It was very useful for me especially interesting information in magazine.Leila Sabryyanborojeni
WelcomePack helped me to know better about Canada and to settle.

Babita Shakya
It helps us get information that we need to settle in Canada. Thanks. Try to keep it up.

Rajwinder Chauhan
It has daily needs items that are helpful to settle first few weeks, and gift cards are awesome.

Muhammad Mohsin Babar
I have become more informed about various brands in Canada. More importantly, I have learned a lot of tips when it comes to settling here, in general.

May Lacdao
It gives us lots of information and savings. Plus good articles.

Sonia Chouritah
I felt very welcome by it.

Catia Oliveira
It has good articles on beginning a new life in Canada.Neil Dermody
WelcomePack has given me confidence. It’s great.Pankaj Sood
Yes. It helped me to settle quickly in the community.Ankit Soni
Magazine gave me good information + nice offers.Waleed Labib
WelcomePack gave information on things that matter.

Diana Bonilla
WelcomePack has shared valuable tips on how I can settle in Canada much faster specifically in the job search which is what I really need right now.Paula Ginalyn Papa